Pub Quiz Trivia Night

Well well well Newington…  Pub quiz we hear you say? Prizes we hear you say? Yep you’ve guessed it, we’ve started a weekly trivia night here at Southpour. (And what else are you gonna do on a school night?)

If general knowledge is your thing, or even if it’s just for the banter, join us at 9pm kicking off on Tuesday 17th May. Up for grabs is a 30 quid voucher to spend in Southpour. And what can 30 bucks at Southpour buy we hear you cry?  Well how about two Flat Iron steaks washed down with a great bottle of red? Or a couple of Craft Ale Fish and Chips (served with proper mushy peas) and a couple of pints?

If you haven’t been to Southpour yet, (and why not may we ask?) then you can expect plenty of gins and other tasty tipples, quirky surroundings and creative food that’s sure to get your tastebuds tingling.

If you’re after a pew for yourself and a few chums, give us a shout and we’ll get you booked in.

Don’t miss out, we’re going to get busy and we can’t wait to see you.