The secret to a happy life for us is simple, eating great food and spending time with good people.

We’ve kept our food offer pretty simple with two menus, one for brunch, and one for everything else. Both jam packed with food that you’ll love…think Short rib and brisket burger with pastrami and crispy pork belly with black pudding and you’ll know where we’re coming from.

Not to mention some next level vegetarian goodness and plenty wee snack plates for the bar.

It doesn’t stop there, as much as our kitchen team love the menu you’ll find they like to get the creative juices flowing, with kitchen creations being added to the specials wall on a daily basis.

How do you like your eggs in the morning…


Let’s talk brunch, that sweet spot after breakfast and just before lunch when you can dine like a king. As the self appointed guardians of the society of brunching we’re all about that brunch life, with everything from poached eggs and sourdough bread to smoked salmon and the proper Scottish breakfast (always a fan favourite).